Modern Embroidery Sampler Wall Canvas


I’ve been looking at ways to combine traditional stitches with more modern, design-led stitches. I’ve made two modern samplers to test it out and I love them! It’s time consuming but really satisfying to see the chain stitch and running stitch along side a free-form geometric pattern and arrow tail designs. I think they work really well together and aside from making embroidery more modern, they make great home decor.

Here’s a few more photos to show the stitches and materials in more detail.

This yellow one is 26cm in diameter and I’ve used embroidery thread (coupled with a thicker yarn for the couching) on felt. The felt gives a really even, matte finish and I think the thickness of it makes them feel a lot more substantial on the wall. It’s also a great material to embroider as it doesn’t damage too easily and is really stable to work with.

The neutral felt works really well with brighter colours like the mint green and yellow. I think as well as the stitches it’s the colour palette that really changes the feel of the embroidery. Many of these techniques are the same ones that have been used for centuries, but when styled well they can be contemporary and create a real focal point. I love the idea of them as a series to make a hallway more interesting.


To see more of my articles on modern embroidery just click here, or to buy these lovely canvases you can visit my Etsy shop here.


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