Modern Embroidery Sampler


Modern embroidery is hard to define. In essence it uses traditional techniques, stitches that have been used for centuries, but it is distinct. In the same way that painting can use the same brush and paint to create hugely different works of art, embroidery is all about what you do with the needle and thread. As you start to learn the basic stitches you can start to experiment with combinations, shapes, colours and all sorts of other parameters. One of the best ways to get these basic stitches under your belt is by doing a sampler. I know dusty alphabets in elaborate fonts spring to mind but that’s not what I think of anymore!

Choosing colourful thread in a bright spring colour palette, or to be honest any colours you like, and working with an embroidery hoop you can make a modern embroidered canvas to hang on the wall. I’ve been working on a few for the embroidery workshop I’m running in Glasgow on the 25th May, here’s the first one I’ve completed.

I’ll be making a few more over the next week so I’ll post those up too! I also wrote an article about modern embroidery where I looked at examples I liked and makers that I thought had a creative and innovative way of using embroidery so if you’re interested in taking a look it’s here.




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