Modern Embroidery

I’ve always loved modern embroidery. It can be applied to all sorts of things from furniture to clothes and jewelry. I love using traditional crafts like embroidery and knitting to make clean, colourful and practical projects. I’ve made my own mountain pattern (below) and it’s really reminded me how satisfying embridery can be so I wanted to share my pattern and show some fantastic examples of other people work that I’ve found.


Since this photo I’ve felt backed it ready to hang on the wall so the fabric you can see around the edges is gone. I love anything geometric or based on nature so this is one of the designs I’m most happy with.

So onto all the fantastic modern embroidery I’ve found out there!

Miniature Rhino

Jessica Marquez is the creative mind behind Miniature Rhino. Her Etsy shop is beautiful with a range of embroidery, paper goods and curios. She does a lot of custom orders with embroideries of people’s names and her constalation embroideries are great! She also has a brilliant blog you can find here and her own book which you can buy here! I love how her designs are simple but perfectly formed and use great colour choices.


Karen Barbe

Karen Barbe is an embroidery master! Her work is hugely innovative and artistic. She has a brilliant blog with loads of great ideas, new approaches and good colour and thread combinations to feast your eyes on. I love this photo because it shows how new ideas of colour, use or shape in this case, can influence all sorts of projects. This semi circle design could make for a good lino printing pattern or a quilting technique as well as an interesting texture for embroidery. She also has a beautiful shop called Textileria that you can see here.


Photo authored and owned by Karen Barbé

Jordan Strickland

I first read Jordan Stricland’s blog URL as Jordan’s Trick Land which made me laugh and then when I went back today and saved this photo for this post she’s labelled it ‘feisty gang’ which makes me like her all the more! She’s got a real gift for eye catching design and applies it to everything from handmade clothes to jewelry and homewares under the name Hide the Good Scissors. You can visit her excellent and website here. It’s very much worth a look!

feisty gang

Pata Pri

Yuko Uemura set up Pata Pri after learning screen printing techniques in Chicago and now lives in her native Japan where she continues to make beautiful hand printed tea towels, pillows, duvet covers, gallery art, cards and more. I have loved her bright designs for ages so when I realised she also made embroidered wonders such as this I was over the moon! She is obviously not afraid of a french knot! I love the bold geometric shapes and colours. It’s just lovely. You can see her blog here and her lovely shop here and you won’t be disappointed!



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