10 DIY and upcycling projects for your home

Some homeware crafts seem quite daunting and time consuming but can be hugely satisfying and are really useful for tailoring your perfect home on a budget.

Here are some of my favourite online tutorials to spruce up your home in no time…

1. Beautiful sewn pouf from Better Homes and Gardens

I LOVE this tutorial! It’s detailed, makes everything really straightforward and you get something that looks expensive, cheerful and really well designed.


2. Embroidered reindeer from Cut Out and Keep

Though this little reindeer isn’t strictly homeware there’s always room for a little general decoration and this is just too lovely to resist. It’s such a great idea, a free printable pattern that you just cut out and pin to fabric, cut out the fabric, embroider the saddle section and stitch together. Easy project for a rain afternoon and a great gift too!


3. Reupholstering a chair from sasinteriors.net

Are you feeling ambitious?! This tutorial has all the information you’d need from taking the chair apart, to getting the perfect finish, all with clear photos and instructions. Not to mention the chair and fabric is so lovely that it’s enough to keep anyone motivated to finish the project! It’s not the easiest of projects but it’s certainly more approachable after reading all these tips and it’d be worth it to spruce up a good quality chair that looking a bit dated.


4. Dip dyed furniture featured on Dwell.com

This is one of the simplest tutorials but it’s one of my favourites. It’s a quick and easy way to make a chair modern and interesting or just to tie it in with the colour scheme of a room.


5. Upcycled painted glass vases found at Tattered and Ink

There are a few ways to upcycle glass using paint. You can either swill acrylic paint around the inside area or use a gloss finish spray paint on the outside. Once you’ve decided which to use it can be applied to everything from fruit bowls, vintage lamps and vases, like the tutorial below!


Here are some more examples…

*yellow lamp here

*painted bowls here

*mason jar plant pots here

6. Wall stencils such as this one by the Royal Design Studio

Wall stencilling has come a long way since rows of ivy around the door were in fashion. There are hundreds of designs available whether you want to create a feature wall with a large design or use it like bespoke wallpaper. Once you start looking there’s no end to the great ideas! Another idea is to use these intricate stencils on furniture. Just buy some wood paint and spruce up the side board!


7. Ceiling medallions as wall art from Apartment Therapy

Sometimes you come across a project and though you’d never of thought of it yourself it just makes sense! This is one of those occasions. I think these ceiling medallions make the a really bold statement without spending much money and all you need to do is paint them in a great colour scheme to fit with your room. It’s really easy and effective each one could be bought for as little as £15! Definitely bearing this one in mind.


8. Painted cutlery from Rue Du Chat-Qui-Peche

This is a great way to unify odds and ends into an eyecatching cutlery set. I’ve seen this before from people using nail varnish to paint the cutlery but this tutorial from Rue Du Chat-Qui-Peche uses Plastidip to make it more durable and practical. Easy, cheap and great fun, it makes such a difference to old, dated cutlery. Another thing I like is that the intricate (fussy!) ends, which I don’t really like before they’re painted, are my favourite feature once the bold colour is added! Just a great idea.


9. Oilcloth table runner by Wren Handmade

This beautiful oilcloth runner can be made quickly and easily and will last for years! The wonderful post from Wren Handmade shows you how to hem your oilcloth with a bias binding. You can even make your own oil cloth from any fabric you like using this tutorial form Curbly. You can use the same technique to make oilcloth rugs, table cloths and picnic blankets.


10. Side tables made from upcycled tree stumps from Martha Stewart

It seems only right to finish this collection with a great tutorial from the mother of all things craft and home, Martha Stewart. This is a beautifully simple idea, take a tree stump, sand the surface and paint it in which ever colour you’d like. I love the simplicity because it let’s the natural woodbark steal the show. There’s something calming about it I think. I especially like the shorter, wider stumps and you could make a lovely cushion for it and use it as a stool.


So we’ve reached the end of my 10 home DIY choices! I can’t wait to get going! If you use any of these please add a comment and share your feedback and photos, I’d love to see how they turn out.

More curated lists coming soon.


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