Craft Fair ‘Granny Would Be Proud’ on the 10th March

This article has been slightly late as I’ve been getting ready for the first Lino Cut Printing Workshop, which is on this Sunday, but last Sunday I was at the Granny Would Be Proud (excellent name!) Vintage and Craft Fair at the Hillhead Book Club on Glasgow’s Byres Road!


It was fantastic! Sold enough to cover all my costs and even make a small profit and I met some fantastic people! First of all was Shona of Eilean Shona Arts who is hopefully going to be next weeks featured maker. She is an incredible illustrator with many collections often inspired by nature. Her current series of hibernating woodland animals called ‘Circle of Sleep’ is no exception. Her work uses clean lines with areas of well-placed subtle colour and simple forms, balanced with areas of beautiful detail that gives her work a very intricate yet calm feeling. She has a real skill for putting together items such as cards and stationary that really showcase her work. Her simple finishes such as the thick tracing paper covers she uses as a case for her hand stitched notebooks have an eye-catching clean texture without detracting from the wonderful illustrations her work is built around. It’s a real skill to find that balance between letting your artwork remain strong and applying it to a practical item such as a notebook, and she understands it perfectly.

So if you weren’t excited about reading her interview answers you must be now! I’m genuinely really looking forward to reading it and finding out more about her and her work in her own words, I’ll keep you posted!

So, here are a few photos of the stall and me looking decidedly unphotogenic!


Here’s the wonderful stall I shared with my good friend and baking extraordinaire Heather McDougall. She had made all the lovely vegan baking. I was extremely well behaved with and did not eat too much of it!


A few of these items have now sold but some of them are still available on my Etsy shop if you’re interested in having a peek at them.


I love these mountain mugs! There are three in total and I’m sorely tempted to keep them for myself!


These teacups are lovely! So delicate and colourful, the yellow one became a very cheerful mother’s day present bu the other three are still for sale on Etsy.


Oh yeah! Check out my snazzy new business cards! I designed them myself and I’m really pleased with them; the QR codes even work, success.


It’s me! Looking very professional (cough) and slightly spacey but I was very excited and had just fought my way through the snow with my wares so not too shabby.


Et voila. We’re open for business! All in all it was brilliant, can’t wait for the next one! Come on down if you’re in Glasgow!


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