Go Craft Fair Go!

The latest very exciting news is that I’ll be selling all things Cotton and Sharks at the Granny Would Be Proud vintage and craft fair in Glasgow on Sunday 10th March!! It’s been a very busy week (I only found out that I have a stall on Tuesday!) but finally all the printing of textiles, illustrating of ceramics, planning displays, buying packaging, designing business cards and signage, speading the word and then using all of that to price tage, package and pack all the new stock is done! Who knew a craft fair would take so much preparation. I have to say I loved every second of it and i’m beyond excited for tomorrow. I’m also sharing the stall with my good friend and excellent vegan baker Heather, you can see her beautiful and truely delicious cakes (and other baked goods) here.

So to show what I’ve got from my efforts here’s a walkthrough.

I made a range of tea towels with a fish design.

A range of tea towels with my Tea Time design.

I hand printed a range of cards too.

For my other textile range I made some tote bags.

To go with my paper and textiles goods I hand illustrated some ceramics.

There are also three grey cups which I have illustrated with a mountain design, a small vase and it’s all neatly packaged with ribbon and hand stamped price tags! Now I just can’t wait to go!


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