Hand printed lino cut tote bag

lino cut tote bag windmill

On Wednesday night I went to the Hobby Horse craft night at the Sparkle Horse pub in Glasgow. It’s the second week I’ve been and it’s brilliant! Really friendly and with a range of crafts and ideas. Everyone’s really happy to share tips and have a good old natter, not to mention there’s St. Mungo’s on tap (brilliant local beer). It’s highly recommended if you want to join in! You can find their facebook page here.

Whilst there I decided to make a new lino cut printing block. I’ve found that although the printing process is far from portable, the actual carving kit I’ve got can be easily carried about. I’ve cut lino on a train to the Lake District and now in a west end pub; it’s opened a bit of a Pandora’s box for cutting lino all over the place now!

Anyway, I did a few designs of houses and building that I like. I went for a terrace because it reminds me of the houses I grew up in in a small seaside town in Yorkshire called Hornsea, a windmill because there’s an old windmill that’s lost it’s sails up on the Beverley West Wood, again back in Yorkshire, and then I did a tall tower with semi-circular roof tiles because I think it looks good! It can’t all be meaningful now can it.

So here’s a quick walk-through of what I’ve been doing.

I started with the print blocks.

Windmill terraced houses lino cut

If you’d like to know how to make printing blocks and how it all works you can see my tutorials section here. There are lots of different projects to have a go at and all of them use a similar technique. I also run Lino Cut Printing workshops in Glasgow which you find out about here if you’d like to learn more.

Once I had my printing blocks I printed the designs onto a cotton tote bag in a ‘kind of pattern’. I didn’t use any guidelines because I was quite happy to just do it by eye this time but you could set up a registration grid to help keep the spacing accurate if you had a particular design in mind.

I went for a light blue because it was such a sunny day and I thought it would really suit the little houses!

Hand printed lino cut tote bag

I’m really glad I went for the lighter blue; it’s so fresh and bright. I think the designs work really well too. Here’s a closer photo of each print block’s image so you can see it clearer.

lino cut windmill tote bag

lino cut houses terraced blue tote bag print

lino cut hand printed tote bag blue house

So that’s it finished! I’m going to print more of them in a variety of colours, I think red will be next then a navy and green probably. I think it might suit a burnt orange colour too. Good job it’s the weekend tomorrow!


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