Tea Time Tea Towel

lino cut hand printed tea towel tea pot red

Ages ago I came up with a design for a tea towel but then made the rookie mistake of reversing the lettters of ‘Tea Time’ but keeping them in the same order left to right so they made no sense! Since the idea of redoing it all deflated my enthusiasm for the project it’s taken untill this week to get back to it! Now I’ve got round to it though I’m really pleased I did! I love the result, the little row of teabags is my favourite I think. It’s added a good bunch of hand made printing blocks to my ever growing collection too. Very handy for all upcoming kitchen-based projects!

These are the blocks I made for it.

lino cut tea pot

Here are some pretty pictures of each print in close up.

Tea cups

lino print cups red

Tea bags

lino cut tea bags red

A tea pot

lino cut tea pot red

And now it’s a lovely washable tea towel!

lino cut tea towel red

If you live in Glasgow and would like to learn how to make your own I run workshops on Sunday afternoons from 1pm-3:30pm at The Roxy 171 on Great Western Rd. Find out more here!


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