Pear design lino print cards

I’ve decided to build up a library of stamps and lino cut block prints so that I can make projects quickly and still be really creative with them. So I decided to do a card and to use alphabet stamps to write a message. This is a really versatile way of using lino cut printing and the new pear block I’ve made will come in really handy for my patterned textiles!

If you want to have a go you will need:

block printing ink (you really do need this for good coverage)
 a lino cutting tool kit
soft cut lino
a block print roller
a marker pen
a plain card
an alphabet stamp set
an ink pad 

To start:

First draw out your design onto the lino using your marker pen.

Lino cut pear outline
Then carve away all the excess. It helps to think of it as if all the bits you carve away turn invisible until all you’re left with is the image you want to show when you print.

Lino cut print pear outline detail

Once you’re happy with your design prepare your ink. I mixed yellow and blue to make green as you would with normal paint. You can also get lino print ink for fabric and make you’re own custom designs on tote bags, cushions and clothes.

lino cut printing ink yellow blue daler rowley

Use the roller to cover a smooth plastic surface until the ink is even. For another very nice effect you can create colour blends by adding different coloured ink to each side of the inking surface so that when you run the brayer over them they blend together in the middle. Then when you roll your brayer over your printing block the print will come out with a great gradient effect.

lino ink green lino cut

When your roller has an even covering of ink, roll it thoroughly but smoothly over your block design. You don’t have to press hard, just make sure all of the design is covered. Then take a piece of scrap card or paper and print onto that until you know which parts of the block need more pressure or a bit more carving etc. If you’re going to print many of the same block in sequence it also helps to draw a line on the back to show which angle to print at in order to keep the design straight and uniform.

Block print lino pear green


Once mastered, you’re ready to print onto you card. To finish add a message at the top using your alphabetical stamp set et voila!

Handmade card alphabet stamps
Now just choose a lucky friend and send them a little letter!



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