Home Sweet Home embroidery tutorial

I’ve made a hand-embroidered hooped canvas to put up in our house. They’re really easy to make, look great and best of all they don’t take that long to finish.

You will need:
1 embroidery hoop (you can choose whichever size you want)
1/2 meter of lightest grey cotton
thin white woollen yarn (knitting needle size 3mm-4mm UK or 5-6 US)
thin green yarn of the same thickness
sharp ended tapestry needle
vanishing transfer pen or iron on transfer paper
glue gun
light coloured felt

To start:
I started off by sketching ideas for my design on paper. If you’re using the vanishing transfer pen, as I did,  then copy your design onto fabric as best you can. These pens are brilliant for embroidery as you can go wrong as many times as you like till you get a design you’re happy with and the marks all disappear within 48hrs, making you look very skilled indeed. You could also draw your design onto the transfer paper then iron it on. The only difficulty is remembering to draw a mirrored image as it will reverse once applied. The marks shouldn’t be much of a problem as the thread will mostly cover thin lines, so better to use a pencil than a marker pen.

You can get both the vanishing pen and the transfer paper everywhere now, any craft/sewing shop should have them or failing that the internet has thousands of stockists.

First I made a circle using chain stitch, then I decorated the space between the circle and the hoop in small town houses, trees and birds.

home sweet home embroidery tutorial_545958558_n

Using chain stitch again I made a tree from three simple lines starting from the inside of the chain stitch circle and curving outward to form three branches.


Finally I wrote, “home” on the top branch,  “sweet” on the left branch and “home” the right branch in running stitch, you can even add some leaves using a small amoutn of scrap yarn.


Then trim the excess fabric and glue gun the edges to the inside of the hoop, being careful not to get any on the display fabric as it may show through. To finish, cut a circle of felt slightly bigger than the inner circle of your embroidery hoop and place over the back to hide your stitches. Use your glue gun to again secure this to the wooden hoop and you’re ready to hang it on the wall.

Felt backed embroidery hoop

It couldn’t be easier and you can customise the design very easily. You could write names on the branches, your own message, or even use the pattern to embroider a cushion cover.



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